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Vision endeavour to provide constant support and customer satisfaction, we work to keep our customers happy regardless of whether we’ve been working together for a day or twenty years. Part of our customer service is re-visiting contracts to look for ways of improving operations. We see the importance in reducing costs and even CO2 emissions wherever possible for our customers and our community.

Everyday we work to organise and deliver prompt patient homes deliveries throughout the UK. One of our larger delivery areas is Scotland; we cover Glasgow, Aberdeen Inverness, the Grampians and numerous Scottish islands.

There are challenges in keeping cost and fuel consumption to a minimum when geographically Scotland consists of both densely populated cities and sparsely populated towns and islands. Therefore, delivering over a five day week to the whole radius of Scotland is not the most economic nor environmentally friendly way of operating.

Consequently, we decided to formulate an alternative plan, we changed our delivery rotas for the sparser areas of Scotland. Instead of delivering five days a week we deliver condensed higher volumes of patient home deliveries over a three day course each week. By adapting our operations we have saved on fuel consumption and overhead costs which in turn has resulted in savings for our valued customer.

‘Bespoke’ is a word that we use in abundance at Vision to describe our services to our customers. It is a bold move to alter a daily ongoing operation over such a vast area, but that is exactly the kind of service we can promise to our customers. We are passionate about looking after our customers and serving our local communities to the best of our abilities. We can heartily promise that when you become a Vision customer the service you will receive is 100% tailored to your exact needs and we will continue to grow and develop with you thereafter.

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