Book Fulfilment for The Cambridge Media Group

Cambridge Media Group Book Fulfilment
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Since June 2018, the Kings Lynn depot has been facilitating the receipt, handling and despatch for the Cambridge Media Group. Including the pick and pack function for daily orders for both the Independence Educational Publishers and Janus Publishing. 

The Cambridge Media Group publishes books and magazines for the performing arts, humanities, business and education sectors.

Orderfulfilment processed on behalf of Cambridge Media Group have gone to Amazon, schools, and private home addresses both nationally and internationally.

We receive orders through email and invoices, then delivery notes, purchase orders and shipping labels are printed and included within the parcels.

The parcels are then picked and packed in cardboard sheeting and booked online via the Royal Mail, UK Mail or World Options and taken to the post office.

Over the last 12 months, we have sent out 4,545 books as part of our daily operations. An average of 379 books per month and 88 books a week for both the Independence Educational Publishers and the Janus Publisher.

In addition, on behalf of the Independence Educational Publishers, we have been sending bulk book orders to schools nationally and internationally at the end of each term.

Over the last 12 months, we have sent out 16,856 books, averaging 5,618 books per term. Even without delivering a batch this month due to school closures, which is currently expected to go out in September.

Book Fulfilment Summary:

–      21,401 books were picked, packed and distributed.

–      Packaged individually and in bulk.

–      Distributed to schools, Amazon and home address both nationally and internationally.

–      Efficient and reliable handling.

If you would like to know more about how Vision can help you with your eCommerce fulfilment, please get in touch today.

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