Cash Machine Removal and Replacement With No Interruption to My Business

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Vision Logistics were commissioned for the removal and replacement of a cash machine in a luxury Casino. Our expert team provided the logistical solutions needed to efficiently replace an unwanted ATM without disrupting the business or decor.

Discover What the Casino Had to Say

‘I am a the manager of a prestigious casino in London and needed to swap an ATM. Unsure of how this process would be undertaken I enquired with several companies who claimed to be able to do the job.

‘Vision stood head and shoulders above the rest of their competition, they thoroughly surveyed the area and once that was completed a detailed method and risk assessment was prepared and submitted to me, supported by a quotation for the removal and placement of a new ATM.

‘The proposal for the job impressed me, it was clear and concise, providing efficient solutions for any possible problems that may occur during the movement of the ATMs. This was essential for the casino as its décor is very expensive and it was paramount that the movement of the ATMs did not damage the casinos plush carpets or feature wooden stair case.

‘It was clear that Visions delivery crew were highly trained and skilled at what they do, they managed to move both the heavy ATMs to and from the building, delivering the new ATM to its exact point of use without any trouble, using floor protectors and a stair walking machine to complete the work, quickly, efficiently and without causing any damage to the floors or staircase.’

Do You Need Removal and Replacement Services?

Contact the team at Vision Logistics to discover how we can offer expert removal and replacement services for your business. Our team provide expert logistical solutions to achieve your goals with minimal friction to your business’s daily operations.

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