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Hannah Edwards - Head of EU Marketing

We catch up with Hannah, who gives some insight into Freshpet and the challenges they face in the pursuit of providing better meals for our pets! 


Hi Hannah, first of all, thanks for chatting with us! Do you mind introducing yourself and telling us what you do at Freshpet? 


I’m head of EU marketing at Freshpet, and I’m Freshpet’s first hire in Europe so my employee number is 001! – I am very proud of that. I’m responsible for all marketing activities both in the UK and Europe … but we all wear many different hats at Freshpet as we are a very small team spread across Europe. 



For those who may not be familiar with Freshpet could you give us a quick introduction? What’s Freshpet’s philosophy/mission? Aren’t all of Freshpet’s recipes developed by veterinary nutritionists? 

Almost all pet foods will have been developed with veterinary input, but the unique thing about Freshpet is that we make food for dogs, not dog food. We use only the best ingredients (human grade) every recipe we make starts with 100% farm-raised chicken, beef or fish and all-natural fruits and veggies. We gently steam cook all of our food and never use any preservatives or additives. Freshpet is a natural way to feed your pet, complete and balanced, great for pickier eaters or sensitive tummies.


Over the last year, what has Freshpet found particularly challenging, and how have you overcome that challenge? 

Covid and Brexit have placed extreme stress on our logistics and supply chain. We know that customers have been frustrated by our stock as are we. We’re working very hard to open new shipping lines, factories (in the USA), and EU co-packers but these are not quick fixes and we hate to disappoint our customer base both 4-legged and human!


What’s Freshpet working towards in the near future? What should we be on the lookout for? 


Freshpet has brought the only true innovation to the pet food industry since the 70s. We never stop looking at ways to improve the lives of pets across the globe. We have some great news recipes launching in the USA and this will mean the UK and EU will have an innovation pipeline for many years to come!



In what ways does Vision provide value to Freshpet’s operation? 


Vision has been integral to our direct-to-consumer offering. We collaborated on the initial offering and evolved the site together to improve our customer’s shopping experience. We look forward to the next step in our development 


What do you look for in a logistics/fulfilment partner? 

As a fresh manufacturer, we need flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit, a partner who will give it a go and not be afraid to fail!


Last question! On a personal level, can you share one resource that you have found invaluable in the development of your career? (i.e book, podcast, idea, quote) 


Cathal Walsh co-founder of Freshpet!

Let the light from the burning bridges guide your way!



“Hannah, thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Vision wishes Freshpet all the best in 2022! 


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