Oatly and vision.

This month we take a quick look at some of the activities we’ve been carrying out for Oatly. You may be familiar with Oatly, or perhaps you’re already a fan (we’re particularly fond of the Oatly’s Barista oat milk!). Oatly’s mission is to provide the world with a quality milk alternative, and their oat milk products do just that! Vision are proud to work with Oatly to provide them with fulfilment and logistical support across their marketing activity. Here’s a taster of what we’ve been doing with Oatly over the last two months. 

Logistical support for The London Coffee Festival

It’s no surprise you’d find Oatly at The London Coffee Festival this year and Vision was on hand to provide logistical support throughout their time at the Truman Brewery. The Oatly team weren’t just at the show to promote their fantastic oat milk alternative, but also to spread the word (and the samples) of their equally amazing oat milk ice cream! 

Making sure that the perfectly pre-sliced ice-cream samples reach the team at the festival isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. Each morning over the course of the event, Vision vehicles ferried supplies from Oatly to the ice cream manufacturers, where it was sliced and prepped for sampling. Vision made sure the ice cream made it on-site, on time, and on temperature as well providing logistical support and delivering all of the event equipment, marketing collateral, and lastly – oat milk. Lots of oat milk. All went swimmingly for the Oatly team across the 4 days and vision is proud to play a part in that success! 

400 “The New Norm & Al Show” luxury give-away boxes

As part of Oatly’s “New Norm & Al” puppet show (watch below), Oatly wanted to surprise some lucky individuals with a fantastic hamper full of vegan friendly goodies. Our fulfilment teams got to work  the boxes pronto. Extra care was taken to ensure these boxes gave the lucky recipients the best Oatly experience possible. Each box contained 3 x Oatly’s fantastic oat milk, one Oatly & Tony’s Chocolonely Vegan Chocolate Bar, Candy Kittens Gourmet Vegan Sweets, Joe and Steph’s Gourmet Popcorn, and some Norm & Al puppets. The boxes looked fantastic, and they went down a treat with a buzz online. If you’d like to see the ‘The New Norm & Al Show’ for yourself, you can do so below.

You can check everything Oatly here and you can also follow Oatly on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Watch the "The New Norm & Al Show" below

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