Outsourcing your fulfilment - Why vision stands out among the rest.

Considering outsourcing to a fulfilment provider? Or simply window shopping? In this article, we discuss why and when you may start looking for a fulfilment provider, what services to expect, and finally, what makes Vision’s customer-focused e-commerce and fulfilment service unique and valuable to your business. You may be looking for a fulfilment partner for a range of reasons; you could be experiencing an increase in order volume, you may lack the time to personally fulfil orders, you may lack the space for your growing inventory limiting your ability to scale, you may need more time spend on growing your business, or you could be experiencing all of the above. If this is the case, now may be the time to consider outsourcing. And considering that fulfilment’s perhaps one of the most important aspects of a successful e-commerce operation, you’ll want to make sure that choose the right partner for you and your brand. 

What can you expect from a fulfilment partner?

What can you expect from a fulfilment partner? Outsourcing to a 3PL provider means all of your warehousing (inventory), picking, packing, shipping and returns are taken care of externally by third party. There are many benefits in doing so, saving money on fulfilment staff, rent, electricity, packing materials, time etc. Sounds good – Right?  Sure but deciding to outsource isn’t easy, and choosing the right fulfilment partner for you takes time and effort. Your brand is an extension of yourself, that’s why it’s important that your customers experience your business the way you intended from the start. This leads us to why we think you should consider Vision when looking for an e-commerce and fulfilment provider.

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We're an extension.

We get it, you’re used to fulfilling everything yourself, that way there can be no mistakes, things leave exactly as you intend. That’s why outsourcing can seem so daunting. What if it isn’t packed the way it needs to be? How do I know it’s in good hands? Will I lose customers? That’s why we’re an extension of your business, not just a fulfilment partner. Your customer experience is our priority. More than just your fulfilment provider, we’re invested in your mission and vision from the get-go. When your customers are happy, we’re happy. And if there’s something wrong we don’t stop until it’s resolved. Our fulfilment teams take the time and care to understand exactly how you intended your goods to reach customers. We’re customer-focused at Vision, so can expect us to assimilate with your vision wholeheartedly.


Scaling your e-commerce business means being one step ahead, all of the time. As an online retailer, you’re under considerable pressure to deliver at a moment’s notice, with anything from 100 orders to 1500 in a blink of an eye (at least that’s the dream). Customers still expect a seamless buying and delivery experience from you as an online retailer, regardless of your size, this is why a mismanaged surge in orders can seriously affect your business’s credibility, and customer dissatisfaction is no joke. To mitigate this risk, approaching a fulfilment provider would be a wise decision, but what should you look out for when choosing a truly scalable solution? Firstly, is your provider operating from one site, or multiple? Vision operates out of nine strategically placed sites across the UK, this allows us to effectively manage your demand and avoid bottlenecks at times of rapid growth spurts. Secondly, will your provider assign you a dedicated account manager? Vision’s dedicated account and fulfilment teams learn your business and product inside out, allowing you to scale not just quickly along with demand but accurately. Lastly, does your prospective partner operate a robust in-house warehouse management system? Our own warehouse management system allows us to implement effective and quick solutions when and where they need to happen, instead of waiting on a third-party warehouse management system provider. Being able to scale is imperative to your brand success and customer satisfaction, Vision truly has the ability to help you scale. 

We're not faceless.

What’s more frustrating than trying to solve an issue with a customer order? –  Being passed around your fulfilment provider’s office, for half an hour with still no explanation as to why it happened or how and when the issue will be fixed. Customer satisfaction is key to your success, we’re all aware that things don’t go as planned from time to time, but when they don’t, you need to be able to get to the crux of the issue and fix it, fast. Larger “faceless” distribution and shipping companies may simply be too big to see the individual “trees” from the metaphorical “wood”, causing small issues to needlessly linger, wreaking havoc in your reviews. Vision’s dedicated account managers are customer focused at all times and we are consistently monitoring your fulfilment solution, noticing issues and attending to issues immediately with full attention, optimising every step as we go along. Unfortunately, you can’t choose ‘no customer issues’, they’re going to happen in any case, but, you can choose a responsive and personal fulfilment provider whom you can rely on. Vision’s dedicated fulfilment support gives you the confidence you need to operate in the marketplace. 

As a UK fulfilment provider, it’s Vision’s focus on your growth, you the customer, and your individual customers’ experiences that set us aside from other fulfilment providers. We believe, it’s the relationship we build, and investment that we make understanding in your business, that really makes the difference to your operation. When you have the solid support and infrastructure from which to build upon, the sky is the limit. At Vision, we are more than the warehouse that holds your inventory, more than a fulfilment team picking and packing orders, more than a standard shipping solution. We are the fulfilment partner that is here to fulfil your needs, your goals, and ultimately, your vision. 

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