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Here we celebrate all your hard work! 

Thank you! 

Graeme Wilson Managing Director

On behalf of the business, I would just like to say a very big thank you !!

The fantastic efforts from all of you, from all parts of the business, have continued to impress and make me proud of what you do and how our services, help to make a difference for our customers and the people in the communities we interact with on a daily basis.


To some people in the outside world, it might look like we store, pick, pack and deliver boxes, but we know, it’s far more than that.

It’s delivering goods and services that are vital to the wellbeing of those people, who in many cases, are the most vulnerable in our society. The notes of thanks and the feedback we get proves what a valuable service we and you provide, and you should all be very proud of your part in that.


As you all know by now, the founder of our business, Peter Toon, has now retired to his new home in France and has entrusted the continued success of Vision Logistics to our new owners Life Logistics Group (LLG)

Many of you would have met with our new CEO Matt Silverberg, but for those that haven’t, Matt will be visiting us again sometime in July so hopefully, we will get the opportunity to visit the depots we couldn’t fit in earlier this year.

I personally meet with Matt (Virtually) once a week and I can assure you that he and the rest of the group are more than happy with how we as a business are progressing and with their help and support we are all fully committed to the continued growth and development of our fantastic business here at Vision Logistics.


So again from me. Thank you.


As you can imagine things have been busy at Vision’s biggest site, the team have been, as per usual, continuing to impress the management. Well done team!

Alex Attaway, and Des Crothall would like to commend the following members of staff for their outstanding contribution! 

Callum for some extra special praise for his application and attitude in his new warehouse role. He’s worked in wholesale for a long time and as part of my (Alex) efforts to increase warehouse accuracy and improve goods in processes, I have moved him to a goods in role. He’s taken to it very well and shown a great deal of pride in his work. I am already seeing positive results from the change, and he is reporting previous errors he’s spotted. Really proud of his effort and the way he is handling what is a highly responsible job.

The efforts of new starters, Bartosz, Eszter, Luke, Kevin, Kyle, Owen, Lucy and Dimitar. Eszter, Kyle and Owen joined us after successful completion of a temp to perm process and Dimitar and Lucy are currently going through the same albeit shorter process. They’ve all taken to their roles well and quickly become important members of the team. 

Jade for her successful transition from Warehouse Operative to Business Support Administrator based in the office here in Nottingham. She’s quickly picked up everything she’s been shown and will only get better as her training progresses.

The whole company would like to congratulate and send their good wishes to Shannon Riddle and her family on the birth of her baby boy, Odin. Odin was born at 02:00 am on Tuesday the 31st of May weighing a healthy 7lb 11oz. 


Warrington has been dealing with increased volumes the last couple of months, so much so that depot manager Paul Williamson had four members of staff giving up their time over the weekend to help out! Thank you to all involved.

Driver Gary Williamson was commended for his work by Essity, for the positive feedback they received from a patient, so thank you Gary, nice work! 

Paul Williamson Snr also mucked in over the weekend, so thanks to you too! 

Kings Lynn

Cameron Mathers and the rest of his team have been busy in Kings Lynn this month with the depot taking on three new drivers. Cameron would like to commend Colin Barwell this month “He always goes above and beyond. Training the new starters to an extremely high standard and is always willing to help within the business.”

Hats off to you Colin, thanks for the hard work you put in. We also wish the best to our new drivers Courtney Tugwell, Paul Randel, and Mark Hanslip! 


The company would like to congratulate Kieran McGovern on his recent promotion, we wish him all the best! Aside from that, the team have been busy completing fulfilment work for Marketing and Experiential customers, work that we know is not easy, and comes with twists and turns, so well done for completing those campaigns alongside our healthcare operations! 

The Vision team would like to recognise and thank Stirling Bishop in particular for going above and beyond without hesitation. Stirling, came in on Good Friday to unload a lorry due to an error with the haulier, and in doing so, Stirling secured the stock was in the right place to make it out to patients in the community and prevented our customer from incurring a huge cost. A massive thanks and well done to Stirling.  


Sittingbourne team has settled in well at their new premises with operations running smoothly, well done to Natalie Mitchell and her team for making the transition despite particular disruption due to delays in ferry crossings at Dover. 

A massive well done to all the drivers and team after being 2 drivers down last week, you all pulled through and continued to provide the excellent service and work you do towards your communities in spite of the staff shortage. 

We echo Natalie Mitchell’s praise for the following staff members: 

“I would like to recognise Rikki Lepper and Lee Whitehill, who have both gone above and beyond and done additional routes and drops to help during times when we have struggled with cover. Garry Reffold at Sittingbourne- for going above and beyond and helping out while we’re so short-staffed and going to help agency staff out also. Robert Mitchell – for coming back and reloading additional drops to ensure all the patients got their deliveries while we were so short-staffed. Kaleem Mirza- for coming in off his holiday to help due to being so short-staffed.” 

Well done all and thank you for your hard work! 

Also a massive congratulations and well wishes from all of the company to Rikki Lepper and his family on the birth of their child! 


The Fareham team have been defying all odds in ensuring our e-commerce fulfilment, marketing and experiential activity and daily deliveries into Queen Alexander hospital are completed, in spite of fluctuating staff levels. A massive well done to Sally, Ben, Tony, Harry and Tom, we recognise the hard work you all put in! Thank you! 

In particular, we commend Ben Thornton for his determination to make sure we keep our commitments through thick and thin, as well as “pulling it out of the bag” last week when a campaign went pear-shaped, managing to get “a weeks worth of work done in a day, supervising a massive team of untrained agency staff”. A massive well done and thank you to you, Ben. 


Portsmouth has seen a massive increase in delivery volumes in the past week due to Essity stock shortages, the team have been working around the clock to make sure that this hasn’t affected the patients. Well done to all staff at Portsmouth alongside Tony Simpson, Jack Greenfield and Mike Hawkins for pulling through. 

Natalie and the rest of the company would like to recognise Jack Greenfield in particular for going above and beyond, by covering routes himself on top of his daily duties at the office, making sure that we continue to provide the service that so many people count on. Nice work Jack, thank you! 

Human Resources & Accounts

Lastly but certainly not least, a massive thank you to Abby, Emma, Julie, Tom, Paige, and Denise for their handwork in the company. Without them, the business wouldn’t run and we wouldn’t be getting paid! Thank you! 

New-starters and Promotions!


A big welcome and congratulations to the staff below! All the best in your new positions! 


Jade Duffy (Nottingham) has been confirmed in the role of Business Support Administrator

Jess Gillham (Nottingham) has been confirmed in the role of Office Supervisor

Kieran McGovern (Luton) has been confirmed in the role of Logistics Manager


Paul Randall Driver Norfolk and NCHC

Inga Badanina Driver Norfolk and NCHC

Courtney Tugwell Driver Norfolk and NCHC

Emma Whitting Driver Norfolk and NCHC

Clement Whisler Driver Norfolk and NCHC

Adam Hunt Warehouse Operative Luton

Eszter Oberlander Warehouse Operative Nottingham

Luke Putland Warehouse Operative Nottingham

Owen Revell Warehouse Operative Nottingham

Chris Lepper Driver Sittingbourne

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