Freshpet - A focused fulfilment solution

At Vision we provide bespoke fulfilment solutions for unique customers, one of those being the fantastic Freshpet! 

Big fish, new pond

Since 2006 Freshpet having been building their reputation as suppliers of high quality natural and healthy pet foods. After such success across the pond it was only a matter of time before we’d see the brand here in the UK and after some preliminary success  in selected Tesco and Morrisons stores, Freshpet needed a fulfilment solution that would allow them to take advantage of the online UK market. At the end of december 2020 the Freshpet team approached Vision with the challenge.

Ecommerce fulfilment UK

First impressions are everything

Immediately, Vision recognised that though Freshpet was enjoying well earned success in the USA, they still needed to break into the consumer market here in the UK, so first impressions meant everything. With this in mind, the Vision team knew that maintaining order integrity, prompt delivery, and agile customer service, would be the key to their online marketplace success.

A focused fulfilment solution

First things first, we got to work integrating Freshpet’s existing Shopify store with our Warehouse Management System, a quick and seamless process providing us with a secure connection via API that updates our systems with new orders every ten minutes. Simultaneously, Freshpet shipped us their inventory, which on arrival, was checked against our systems and immediately placed into our temperature-controlled storage areas. Once our fulfilment teams got to know Freshpet’s products inside-out, the fulfilment service went live and we began fulfilling orders coming in from Freshpet’s online store straight away.
Making sure Freshpet’s meals reached customers as fresh as possible meant two things, first, environment-friendly temperature controlled insulation and packaging, and  secondly, super quick next day delivery (that in most cases reached customers in less than 24 from ordering). Our dedicated account managers monitored the service closely with Freshpet, making tweaks where they were needed, responding to issues as and when they first came up and providing solutions to minimise them happening again. Fast-forward one year and a half, and since partnering with Vision, Freshpet’s order fulfilment has increased tenfold, helping secure the first impression they were after, whilst taking them further in their pursuit to provide a better meal for our furry friends.

At Vision, we believe we can help take your business to next level with a fulfilment partnership you can rely on, but, don’t just take our word for it…

“Vision has been integral to our direct to consumer offering. We collaborated on the initial offering and evolved the site together to improve our customers shopping experience. We look forward to the next step in our development.”

– Hannah Edwards, Head of EU Marketing

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