Valentine inspired fulfilment operation

Valentine Fulfilment Operation

Upon the arrival of this years designated day of love, we were tasked to undergo a fulfilment operation that required both meticulous planning and acute delivery.

While 20 years experience within the chilled fulfilment and distribution sector, would leave you assuming we do this kind of thing for fun, we are never ones to approach a project passively nor without caution. This project in particular, was one we made sure we had all basis covered.

Fulfilment Operation project brief snapshot

  • We receive all goods and store in a chilled environment.
  • We compile all supporting marketing materials, ready for the pick and pack operation.
  • Pick and pack 16,808 packs of Raspberry and champagne tortes within a 32 hour time window.
  • We plan and operate the chilled dedicated delivery of 2,783 packages to the equal amount of destinations.
  • We ensure all deliveries are made within a 72 hour window and within temperature.

As you can see, while the pick rate was not the biggest, facets such as stringent time frames, temperature and geographical spread left scope for error. However, our meticulous planning and experienced resource allowed for us to complete the campaign successfully and start the year as we mean to go on. The campaign was signed off with a 100% success rate.

How do you measure your success rate you ask?  It’s pretty simple really. Our customer was happy! We ensured each and every single package was delivered on time, to the correct address and at the correct temperature – simple.

Snap shot

55,000 pieces of marketing material, counted and prepped
2,783 box made
8,349 stickers applied
2,376 metres of tape used
1,500 cubic feet void fill poured
16,808 packs
33,616 desserts
32 hour pick window
2,783 Locations
72 Hours delivery window
22 Vehicles
100% Success rate
Zero complaints
One happy customer

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