Photocopier Logistics at Grant Thornton

Grant thornton Photocopier Logistics

We’re in the process of a large scale project for Grant Thornton, completing photocopier exchanges in sites across the UK.

Photocopier Logistics can be heavy work

Our job is to install numerous photocopiers at a time on one site, whilst removing over 40. These are specialist requirements which require delicate handling, most of the machinery is very valuable and weigh in excess of 380 kilos each.

When working on jobs of this nature, we focus on the security of your product. Our specialist trained staff are reserved for projects that require extra care and expertise. Photocopier Logistics is a precise business.

An experienced member of our team will be assigned to you throughout the duration of your project, they will be on hand to supply you with details and updates. At Vision we understand the importance of giving the customer one to one contact with experience staff who understand your photocopier logistics project inside and out. This one to one point of contact will provide you with daily or even hourly information until your product is at the final destination. Whether you require tracking, stock or any last minute changes, we will be there to support you.

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