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Demand within the healthcare environment has reached all-time record levels, with patients requiring aftercare more than ever. As a result of this, manufacturers and distributors have felt increased pressures to deliver both efficiently and cost effectively.

Off the back of such demand, we have experienced two-fold growth in as little as 12 months.

Healthcare Home Delivery – Nationwide Service

We now have eight strategically based depots throughout the UK, servicing large parts of the UK. This ranges from as far North as Berwick, as East as Norfolk and as south as Brighton. There are few regions of the UK we cannot service.

While demand has been a big facet in our growth as healthcare logistics provider, it has not been the sole benefactor. Our ability as a business to flexibly adopt and invest in innovative technologies and processes has equally contributed to us being the trusted and preferred healthcare logistics provider we are today.

Our new technologies allow us to be as transparent and and efficient as possible for our customers.  We allow our customers to see all that goes on with their operations under our management. This includes real time delivery statuses, live reporting and POD imaging.

Facts and Figures – Healthcare Logistics with Vision

  • 300,000 patients deliveries a year
  • 21,000 care home deliveries annually
  • 99.8% 1st time delivery success
  • Discreet white label fleet
  • All personnel are DBS checked and trained to the Caldicott guidelines

If you have any further questions on our healthcare logistics services, please contact us and complete our enquiry form.

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