Nationwide chilled drinks fulfilment

Chilled Drinks Fulfillment
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After many weeks of meticulous logistical planning and execution, the most recent chilled fulfilment project, for a well-known smoothie brand; landed at nearly 10,000 locations nationwide. The sparkling adaptation was picked, packed and dispatched in a chilled storage environment, based out of our South East Fareham depot.

The fulfilment project was completed over a four week period with weekly fulfilment orders placed only 72 hours in advance. Detailed logistical planning and our flexible approach allowed us to work well with our customer on their expected deliverable requirements.

This project presented zero consistency, with no week the same as the last. However, our constant communication with our customer and thoughtful, strategic logistical planning allowed for us to complete the chilled fulfilment project both on time and at the correct temperature.

Chilled Fulfilment Snapshot

Chilled storage

Product was delivered into Vision, Fareham on a weekly basis. The product was delivered in chilled delivery vehicles; checked off and allocated into chilled storage.

Chilled Warehousing

Once we received the go ahead from our customer, which was 72 hours prior to the weekly fulfilment deadline. Our team would pick, pack and dispatch the order. Weekly orders ranged from 2500 to 3700 boxes.

The entirety of this project saw us pick, pack and dispatch 13,000 boxes with each box weighing in at laborious 22kg.

Chilled Distribution

Our extensive working relations and connection with various major UK couriers and pallet network providers played a big part in this campaigns success. It allowed us to distribute 13,000+ consignments next day, both chilled and successfully.

Proof of Delivery

A major customer requirement was of proof of delivery of each consignment. This was fulfilled, although due to the nature and scale of the project, proof of delivery was provided via various platforms, depending on means of distributions.


  • 800,000 samples were picked, packed and distributed
  • 13000+ boxes assembled, packed and distributed
  • Chilled storage and distrubution
  • Flexible work schedules
  • Daily reporting
  • Proof of delivery
  • Next day delivery to 10,000 locations
  • One happy customer

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