Chilled Storage and Delivery for Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Ad Logisitics
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We’ve been delivering and giving out thousands of chilled Mountains Dew bottles all over the UK as part of their project with Global Radio.

Up to now we’ve delivered to Scotland, Liverpool, Manchester, London, Leicester and Birmingham. Using our chilled storage and delivery service, our artic vehicles and chiller trailers have been distributed throughout the UK to these special events. Equipped with temperature control technology, our specialist logistical service ensured that the Mountain Dew drinks are given out cold as intended.

Our favourite events so far have been the Winter Wonderland’s at Manchester and London, we’re feeling festive!

Chilled Storage Solutions for Your Business

Contact the team here at Vision Logistics to discover how our chilled storage and warehousing services can be implemented to provide expert logistical solutions for your brand.

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