Ricoh Photocopier Installations

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This year we have completed hundreds of installations and collections to Jewson branches across England, Scotland and Wales as part of our specialist logistics service. We needed to collect, transport and store brand new Ricoh photocopiers which we then distributed throughout the UK. Our staff were trained to install the machines at Jewson sites and uplift the old photocopiers. We operated out of various Vision depots depending on the areas we needed to cover.

The job was not a straight forward one, strategic planning was needed to be able to complete the job in the most time efficient and cost efficient way for our customer.

Upon receiving this project we organised professional training for our two men crews; this meant our team were up to date and confident in handling the latest specialist equipment necessary for the job. Daily operations were strictly planned and adhered to as we needed to keep installations within Jewson office hours, we organised flexible working hours to meet deadlines that best suited the customer. Even when travelling to challenging destinations such as Plymouth and north Scotland, we organised overnight stays so that our crew could complete all deliveries within the area in a cost effective way for our valued customer.

  • Modifications were made on vehicles to ensure 100% safety when transporting the photocopiers.
  • Professional training was completed by all staff working on the project.
  • Each operation was assigned a project manager who managed the job until complete, they would keep our customer updated at all times and be the first point of contact if any last minute changes were needed.
  • We planned each day in advance using specialised routing software.
  • We used tracking devices to keep our customer updated throughout the operations.

This project has been running for most of the year and upon its completion we have now started a new project with our customer on an even larger scale.

If you are a potential customer who has out of the ordinary logistical needs then contact a member of our team. At Vision we enjoy being flexible and innovative, we strive to tailor our services to your exact your business.

Contact us today by calling 0500 120013 or use our online contact form.

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