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We catch up with regional manager for the south Natalie Mitchell for the latest on the recent expansion into bigger premises.

Pictured: The Sittingbourne Team

Hey Natalie, your Vision’s regional manager for the South, but you also look after Sittingbourne depot. Can you tell us a little about the operation in Sittingbourne?

Our Sittingbourne depot opened in February 2017, and we provide health care products directly into patient’s home and care homes.  We have 5 drivers, 2 warehouse operatives, a Depot Supervisor, and me based at Sittingbourne.  Our depot covers to the whole of Kent and our site is approx. 5000 sq foot.

You’ve recently moved premises? How come?

Our old depots lease came to an end, and due to a high increase in the rent, we decided that moving the operation, would be in the best interests of the Company and our customer.

Moving house can be a pain, let alone moving warehouses! How did the move go?

The move itself went well, it was a smooth transition for both Vision and our customer.  However, it was not without its challenges.  We were due to move into the new premises on 29th January, after collecting the keys on 24thJanuary, however Ben, our Depot Supervisor tested positive for Covid on the 25th of January, we already had a driver off due to a leg injury, and on the morning of the 26th my son tested positive for Covid.  Concerned that I may also go down with Covid, the team and I decided to pull the move forward to the 27th of January.  As we were staff down, it was certainly all hands-on deck for a mid-week move, whilst still ensuring that all the orders were picked and pack as well as delivered to our patients. By 7pm we were all moved in, and operational again.

We understand the team really pulled together on this?

The team were amazing, the way that everyone pulled together.  Ben, despite being ill with Covid, worked tirelessly from home, booking in the stock as we moved into the new depot.  The drivers for ensuring that everyone of our patients that were due a delivery that day, received their products and then came back after a long day, to help with the move itself.  Our warehouse operatives that worked non-stop to count, wrap, load, unload and put away over 230 pallets of stock.  The team showed fantastic team effort, dedication and worked tirelessly to ensure that everything went to plan.   I am very proud of them and what they achieved in a day.

Now that you’re settled, what’s next on the radar for the Sittingbourne team?

Well, we are always looking at ways in which we can improve the operation, make it more productive and efficient, and are always on the look out for our next challenge.

“Thanks for chatting with us! All the best at the new gaff!”

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