The sun shines on the Smartflower

The Sun Shines on the Smart Flower Solar
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The eagerly awaited installation of the Smartflower was finally completed today, with the sunshine welcoming its arrival. Rooted perfectly outside of our newly acquired Kings Lynn depot, the Smartflower will spearhead our green vision, with plans for additional installations already in motion.

Being a logistics business, the common assumption is, we guzzle gallons of fuel and demonstrate little to no interest in the carbon footprint we leave behind. This is categorically not true for Vision. While we cannot deny that we contribute to carbon production, due to the pure nature of our business, we do however seek ways to reduce it.

As a business, we believe that it is only right we start to keep track of, and reduce, our carbon footprint and our vision is pretty simple – ‘be conscientious and consume less’. It is our responsibility from the top down, that we are smart with our decision making, be it simple steps such as turning out lights to recycling wherever possible.

While the basics such as turning off lights when leaving a room or being lighter on the accelerator make a difference to consumption and ultimately to the environment, we decided that more commitment was needed to fulfil our green vision. This where the Smartflower has come into play.

The innovatively designed solar flower, manufactured in Austria, now assists our Kings Lynn depot with the day-to-day consumption of energy. How much of the depot will be supported by the Smartflower – you ask? Well this is very hard to pinpoint exactly how much, for various reasons. Firstly, sunlight exposure is imperative. It’s simple, more sunlight, more kWh produced. Our aim is to support around 50% of our power consumption within the depot. This will mainly be the lights within both the warehouse and office and also to charge the electric forklift when needed. All of this will not only run our depot in a more efficient manner but more importantly, contribute to a greener operation as a business.

The potential kWh output of the Smartflower – made easy!

One hour of sunlight can

  • Allow you 15 hours to watch your favourite film, box set or TV series
  • Give you 101 complete smartphone charges
  • Gives you a total of 182 hours of LED lighting

One day of sunlight will give you

  • Three air conditioning units – for 1 hot day
  • Six full loads of tumble drying – if the clothes line is already completely full that is
  • 17 wash loads of laundry
  • 50 cups of tea or coffee
  • 62 miles of clean driving in your electric car

One year of Smartflower power will

  • Will produce on average 4000kWh of power which would power an average household in the UK.

With further installations already being planned for 2017, we hope our green vision will inspire all of our colleagues and businesses alike, to make conscious efforts to improve and look after our environment.


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