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Vision Logistical Solutions were tasked with managing the fulfilment of a Social Media campaign promoting the high street retailer Republic.

The objective of this project was to create online social media engagement within the clothing brand and to drive sales.

Customers who purchased from the retailer were given a unique code to enter on the website this would tell them if they had won vouchers.

Additionally they ran a Facebook competition with an associated app with 2080 prizes evenly released over a 26 day period leading up and to Christmas. The app was used to send a virtual Christmas cracker to a friend, who will in turn pull the cracker. Both parties stand a 50/50 chance of ‘winning the cracker’

When the users won they were sent a trigger email which included the prize they won and an email address for them to email to claim their prize. Vision managed the emails, matched them against the winning lists to ensure their validity and to collect personal contact details.

Vision handled all enquires from the competition winners and were responsible for their eligibility, with the competition winners having to be over the age 16 and be a resident of the UK each of these factors had to be managed on a daily basis. Vision then handled the packaging design, fulfilment and shipment of the prizes within the 28 day time limit to all the winners.

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