Vision Logistics Spring Update

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Winter Logistics

Since going live back in June 2012, the Glasgow operation has seen steady growth, and is proud to be serving Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Dumfries & Galloway, and more recently the Scottish borders. Over the past month the Glasgow team have covered around 28,000 miles providing logistics services across their areas. That’s an incredible 23,000 boxes and over 8,500 drop-offs, all delivered 99.6% first time, despite the harsh weather of the region, and some very difficult conditions.

The operation started covering the Scottish Borders back in November 2012, which is obviously one of the most challenging times of the year when it comes to the Scottish weather. With preparation always key to any logistics project, the team equipped themselves with snow socks for each of the 13 vehicles, as well as grit, snow shovels and other winter equipment. With Winter almost behind us, we look forward to some improved weather and limited use of the snow clearing equipment!

The Vision Logistics team at Glasgow provide residential delivery of healthcare products direct to NHS patients and care homes. The team of 13 deliver to urban areas, as well as some very rural location, as such it is important that each and every item is reaches its destination on time and in perfect condition, as the quality of Vision’s healthcare logistics service has direct impact on the well being of NHS patients.

MRI Relocation

The team in Fareham were recently contacted by a health screening provider, who were looking for logistical help with the movement of a mobile MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). For those unfamiliar, this is essentially a large self contained MRI clinic on wheels, which can be transported to locations around the country providing MRI scans to NHS patients at clinics which are usually unable to offer such a service.

Vision worked with the owners of the unit, to put a plan of action in place which involved taking delivery of the unit, commissioning it for UK use, staff training and day to day transportation to the various locations, and assisting the clinical staff with the clinics during the day. As part of the project Vision undertook the responsibility of transportation of dangerous goods, ensuring that power requirements are met and health and safety guidelines where adhered to. Vision also provides regular deep-cleaning of the unit, using a high-end ATP scanner to detect any contamination within the clinic.

Art Exhibition In Wales

The Koestler Trust was recently featured on the BBC, for their work in organising quite an unusual art exhibition at the Millennium Centre in Wales. The exhibition featured the work of prisoners, psychiatric patients and people on probation. Vision were delighted to play an important role in the logistics of the Secure Exhibition, by transporting the works to the centre ready for display.

Our various bases around the country continue to offer a range of logistics services, from the storage of frozen food produce, to the home delivery of NHS prescriptions. No matter what your logistics requirements, Vision can provide you with a solution. From large scale marketing campaigns to localised delivery services, please call us to discuss.

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