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Pictured: Flavius Manu

Portsmouth's Drivers

Portsmouth drivers Flavius Manu and Dan Price were singled out for their outstanding work and service they give to patients. 

 A patients granddaughter rang to say thanks for all of Flavius’ hard work saying “thank you so much for all your driver does, he always has a smile and some kind words. My grandmother always looks forward to receiving her delivery”. 

Dan price received some fantastic feedback from family members of a patient whom Dan found had fallen over when he arrived to deliver, Dan stayed with the patient and comforted her until the ambulance arrived. 

Thank you so much to Dan and Flavius for your incredible work, friendly attitude you have (and all our drivers) when you leave the depot every morning makes such a difference to our patients. 

Pictured: Dan Price 

Nottingham's Tena Direct Team

Nottingham Depot Manager Des Crothall had nothing but praise for the TENA Direct team after their “outstanding” work and “determination” over the last several weeks. 

Vision Nottingham’s fulfilment service for TENA Direct, had been receiving such a high volume of orders over the weekends that considerable strain was being placed on the current system in place on the following Monday. 

After some discussion, it was clear that members of the TENA Direct team had themselves come up with a potential solution to the problem. After speaking with Des, the team had the go-ahead to try the idea out, and, after a few tweaks and corrections to the current process, the team managed to completely turn the situation around. The new process was so efficient that had a positive knock-on effect for the rest of larger the operation, freeing up time and resources, and making us more efficient. 

Des said – “Tracy Henson, Shannon Riddle & Owen Revell have worked together really well to adapt to this new process and I have been really impressed with their determination to get it sorted.  Others have also played their part (office and warehouse ops) to assist and I’ll be sure to make sure they are acknowledged for their contribution too.”

We second that! Thank you TENA Direct team and all others involved, for your fantastic teamwork, insight, and determination in making this a complete success. 

Thanks to Tracey, Owen and Shannon.

Fareham fulfilment team.

This month the fulfilment team in Fareham have been busy fulfilling samples for some big names- check it out! 

Sittingbourne expansion.

We catch up with Natalie Mitchell for the latest on the recent move to larger premises in Sittingbourne, and how the team made it possible. 

Welcome new-starters!

vision would like to take the opportunity to welcome all of our new starters to the company


Bartosz Rybinski – Warehouse Operative

Kevin O’Leary – Warehouse Operative 

Kyle Shaw – Warehouse Operative 

Marina Valido – Warehouse Operative 

Norfolk and NCHC

Cameron Mathers – Logistics Manager 

David Yarrow – Driver 

Gareth Greenacre – Driver 


Glenn Smith – Warehouse Operative 

Norbet Kacani – Driver 

Tyrone Mack – Warehouse Operative 


Gary Hunter – HGV Class 2 Driver 


Lewis Phillips – Warehouse Operative 


Paul Hoad – Driver 

Head Office 

Pete Smith – Commercial Director 

Denise Newell – Payroll Assistant 


We wish you all the best! 

Essity donate stock to those in need in Ukraine

Portsmouth warehouse made sure Essity’s generous donation to those in need left in good order the other week. The stock is currently on its way to Ukraine where it will be given to those that need it most. Excellent stuff. 

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