What is the different Ecommerce fulfillment services involved?

Ecommerce fulfillment
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Ecommerce fulfillment refers to the complete process that works behind getting orders delivered to a customer after ordering them online. This supply chain works from receiving the inventory, picking the items, storing, packing the boxes, processing orders, and transporting items to the shipping destination of customers.

The services of eCommerce fulfillment may be performed by an in-house company or a fulfillment company handled by the eCommerce business.

What are the different eCommerce fulfillment services?

Ecommerce fulfillment services include the sum of individual workflows and services. It includes different fulfillment services namely:

Order management

Order management is a broad concept of purchases overseeing the production of customers. It involves keeping, receiving a track of, and fulfilling customer orders over the sales channels. The order management is to manage the orders from the place they are placed to the destination shipped.

It should facilitate tracking the order’s individual status, such as on-hold, processing, delivered, etc. The changes in the volume include buying behaviors, locations, preferences, orders with mistakes, returned orders, and if orders are not fulfilled, one can understand insufficient levels of inventory.

Overseeing purchases, keeping track across sales channels, and fulfilling customer orders helps manage orders from one place to the shipped place.

Inventory management

Inventory management is an eCommerce business featuring stocked goods including ordering, storing inventory and restocking inventory, and forecasting inventory.

Inventory management includes important parts and it teaches figuring out the inventory on hand. It means the inventory management should show the poor cash flow risk, too much inventory, outdated products, too much storage, too little, missing out the sales, and failing to meet customer demand.

You must get the inventory quantity any time and know the details of units sold and that is on hand. Inventory management done properly means proactively it should accept reordering of inventory quantity to prevent backorders and stockouts. It should be located strategically to keep inventory close to the customers.

Order fulfillment services

Ecommerce fulfillment is incomplete without order fulfillment. It refers to picking, packing, and shipping orders. The eCommerce business is the key to order fulfillment. It is an area that needs to have transparency and the shipping must be a reasonable cost.

The order fulfillment process triggers to start as a customer buys online. It is a must to have on-hand inventory to initiate the process. Thus, the order is fulfilled as it arrives at the destination of shipping.

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