What Are the Benefits of Healthcare Logistics?

Benefits of Healthcare Logistics
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Benefits of Healthcare Logistics

With the impact of COVID-19 and the looming Brexit transition period, demand within the healthcare environment has reached record levels. Everything from regularly scheduled shipments to emergency PPE, healthcare products are in extremely high demand. The pandemic has left manufacturers and distributors feeling increased pressures and expectations to continue operations both efficiently while reducing costs. 

Now is the time to analyse your healthcare logistics. How could it benefit from modernised supply chain solutions? Could it allow your process to achieve more long term with fewer resources? Could it help to get the healthcare product into the hands of those who need it quicker than you can currently provide?

For those seeking to improve their systems, a solid logistics foundation can provide reliable, timely and safe delivery of healthcare products.

Logistics is an essential part of healthcare supply chain management. At Vision Logistics, our end-to-end healthcare logistics can help with daily responsibilities such as delivery, online ordering, picking and packing, fulfilment transparency and confidentiality. Ensuring that your products reach those who need them most on time, every time.

Discover our four top benefits that healthcare organisations can gain by choosing to partner with a third-party healthcare logistics company:

Better Visibility

It can be hard to optimise operations when there is uncertainty and too many segments to control at once. However, technology is changing what is possible within logistics. Our seamless processes mean you have full visibility of your supply chain to manage unnecessary costs and streamline your process.

Our visibility goes further giving the benefit to the customer as well with our innovative routing and scanning. Your customers can easily see their orders and delivery process.

Reliable Deadlines

When it comes to reliable healthcare delivery, a lot of products are potentially lifesaving. So, must be delivered to exact deadlines. An efficiently run supply chain can communicate to reliably ensure all products reach the customer on time, without incurring additional costs.

By using technology to automate these processes, you can also tackle potential issues surrounding data collection, ordering and picking & packing; ensuring accuracy and efficiency across the board.

Inventory Tracking

It is common for inventory shortages or excesses due to the unpredictability within the industry. Add this to the COVID pandemic and Brexit requirements for a minimum of six weeks’ worth of pharmaceutical stocks. 

It can be difficult to ensure you meet patient demand and stock levels accordingly, while also accommodating various lead times, particularly with custom restrictions predicted at the end of the Brexit transition period.

However, with the use of warehouse management technology, it is possible to track what inventory is on hand and what needs supplying. This transparency with your stock levels means you can avoid excess costs that can result from incorrect inventory numbers or delays. Warehousing will also help to avoid wasted, lost or expired supplies.

End-to-End Solutions

We can manage the whole process of your supply chain from fulfilling customer orders, to pick & pack products, and reliable delivery. We seek to provide the best solutions, which is why all our staff work to Caldicott regulations, MDR guidelines and are DBS checked. We can provide full transparency of our processes, to help you provide the best healthcare service.

To summarise, the benefits of third-party logistics for the healthcare industry are endless, long-lasting and wide-ranging.

Helping to improve flexibility, adaptivity, and effectiveness. Our aim during this pandemic is to ensure that there is no delay in healthcare products being accessible to those that need it most. Discover how Vision can help you with your Healthcare Logistics, please get in touch with one of our team today. 

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